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Biden Honours Vietnam Pilot Who Disregarded Direct Order

US President Joe Biden has awarded the nation's highest military medal to a Vietnam War helicopter pilot who disregarded a direct order, at the White House. Retired Army Capt Larry Taylor, now 81, flew his Cobra helicopter into a firefight to rescue four US troops from near certain death in 1968. He had been ordered to return to base, but refused when he learned there was no other rescue helicopter […]

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32-Yr-Old Pilot Dies After His Plane Crashed In Mexico

Luis Ángel N., a 32-year-old pilot, has died after his plane crashed during a gender reveal in Sinaloa, Mexico. Reports say the pilot was hired by the happy couple, who were celebrating their pregnancy with family and friends, to fly his small jet over them and dump either pink or blue colored powder to indicate the gender of the baby. But as the Cessna plane came into the frame filling […]

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