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Sustaining Peace, Growth In The Work Place

Written By Chikezie Chinkata, FRCN Abuja Operations   It is normal for workers all over the world to continue to ask and wish to have better packages for their services even if it appears that reasonable packages have been provided, compared with their counterparts in other climes. In the same vein, employers are always wishing the productivity levels to keep on rising, even if it is obvious that the output […]

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Salvaging E-Customs Project To Boost Revenue

Written By Abdullahi Muhammed, An Economic Analyst   There is no doubt that one of the cardinal points of any administration is to generate revenue to fund projects. The administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not different as it is making various efforts to diversify its revenue base to other sectors including various agencies of the environment. One of the laudable initiatives is the E-Customs Project, which represents global […]

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Significance Of Maulud Nabi

Written By: Sanda Askira, Director Engineering Services, Radio Nigeria Headquarters Abuja   Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca on Monday the 12th in the month of Rabi’ul Awwal 570A.D. His father died before his birth while his mother died when he was at the age of five. Right from childhood, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had shown an exemplary noble character to such an extent that the people of Mecca used to […]

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Principles Of Democracy And Wishes Of The People

Written By Chikezie Chinkata, Abuja Operations, FRCN   It is often said that democracy is one of the best, if not the best system of government due to its attributes. Among all the principles and features of democracy which includes, rule of law, limited tenure of government, independent judiciary, popular sovereignty, elected representatives among others, the principle of popular sovereignty appears more outstanding, all things being equal. This can also […]

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Home And Abroad, Tinubu’s Nigeria is Taking Its Rightful Place

Written By Mohammed Idris, Minister Of Information And National Orientation   Having hit the ground running at home, with a series of very bold and unprecedented reform decisions, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has gone ahead to seize the opportunity offered by September 2023, to make a grand entry onto the global stage. In what has been his busiest month on the global stage since he assumed office, President Tinubu traveled […]

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Gwagwalada Independent Power Plant, Prospects Of Power Generation In The Country

Written By Chikezie Chinkata, Abuja Operations, FRCN   Recently President Bola Amed Tinibu performed the groundbreaking ceremony of the Gwagwalada, Independent Power Plant Project, in the Federal Capital Territory, marking the commencement of another national investment toward checking the challenges of energy supply in the country. The problem of the nation's Power sector transverses decades if not up to a century going by available data. History of the Challenges and […]

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Role of Opposition Parties In Entrenching Good Governance, Nation Building

Written By Chief Peter Ameh, Political Analyst It is a global practice that opposition parties have the primary responsibility of holding the government accountable for its actions and inactions and also enjoy the right under the Constitution to question the decisions made by the government that affect its citizens. The opposition Parties in any given society represent an alternative government and are solely responsible for challenging the policies and programmes […]

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Role Of Media In The Face Of Economic Challenges

Written By Chikezie Chinkata, FRCN Abuja Operations It is often said that the media is the fourth estate of the realm, connoting its significance in the development of society, in the face of myriad challenges. To this end, so much is expected of the professionals and all stakeholders in the media industry to ensure that the hope of the masses in this regard is not dashed. Apart from ensuring that […]

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Voice of Unity In Government Communication

Written By Hemen Dyako, ICT Directorate The success of government initiatives and programs depends on effective communication in today's dynamic and interconnected world. Radio and television are versatile media that have great potential for spreading information, especially to underserved and rural communities. While both radio and television are important for spreading information, radio has some distinct advantages, particularly in Nigeria. Unlike television, which often requires electricity and expensive equipment, radio […]

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