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You Are What You Think, Renew Your Mind

todayJanuary 21, 2020

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Each of us literally are what we think and our character is formed by a sum total of all our thoughts.Our actions too are the product of thought just like plants blossom from the seed put in the ground

we are made by the thoughts like wise we forge the weapons by which we can destroy ourselves

Therefore we owe ourselves the responsibility to dig deep into the mine of our soul and exploit the power of positive thinking to mold our lives

The human mind is like a garden, when carefully nurtured and cultivated it will bear good fruit, were left uncultivated, it runs wild.However,whether or not you nurture your mind,It will definitely bring fort fruits so It is Important that we tend, Carefully weeding out all the wrong,useless and Impure thoughts and cultivate toward perfection

The battle of our minds is one of good against evil and it is a constant one, but pursuing this process daily we become better .victory today does not mean you will not have to deal with more battles tomorrow,but by every single victory we conquer and soon,we become the gardener of our souls

According to James Allen, Author of the book AS A MAN THINKETH “Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results”

Permit me therefore to encourage you to begin to renew your mind and thoughts today ,keep a journal if you like, make notes of all your good thoughts and resulting actions, also put down effective strategies that help you get rid of negative thoughts,one tip will be to keep countering the negative thought with a positive one, say it out loud over and over until you believe It, until It is all you hear in your head, for instance, you want to embark on a project and your thoughts say ..what if you fail? At that point begin to say out loud ” what if I succeed” repeat it until its done

Enjoy your journey to a becoming the master gardener of your mind and produce good fruit, yes you can..

Good luck

Written by: Mimi Dogo

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