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Weekend Gossip;”Friendamily”

todayJune 26, 2020

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I bet you have heard of frenemies right, those back stabbing two faced,individuals ,unfriendly friends who secretly hate you but pretend to your face.hmmmn God deliver us from them

Now the “friendamily” is a total opposite a, positive opposite of the above .They are those friends the holy book describes as closer than a brother, they are as good as family ,some of them do the friendship sotay them come marry into the family chai, your friend now your brothers wife or now your sisters husband. Advantages and disadvantages may accrue but in the end all is well that ends well abi ?So if you are blessed to have them you are truly blessed indeed. If not then I can tell you the best way to acquire one is to be one yourself and the time is now

In this difficult times I tell you , people are not likely to forget who fed them on days when there were hungry, who called to check on them, who Stopped by with a bag of groceries unexpected, who recommended their business and the referral brought in a good deal when business was really slow,who made them smile on difficult days.

Especially among women it is rare to come by, if you are such a friend weidom Sir or Ma and if you have such a friend, brother or sister hold them tight bikonu.The struggle is real

Today I am taking your advice and minding my business, no gossip at all,its just that if I ever get to know that one of your friends is actually a” frenemy” and not a “friendamily,” Ha ! I must talk and probably that is how the quarrel will start, but I hope not. So lets give a well deserved shutout to those genuine and priceless “friendamilies” out there.May we know them and by all means may we be them too.

Have a great weekend

Written by: Mimi Dogo

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