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Weekend Gossip;5 Bullet Proof Ways To Overcome Negativity

todayApril 10, 2020

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 They come in all shapes and sizes, with vocabularies that range from the grunting of cave-dwellers to the bombastic spewing of “ wanna-be” intelligentsia’s. Some people are wired never to see the good in anyone. From the Government to their neighbors to their relatives, co-workers or employers they just hate

A lady recently organized a mobile shop in her estate to help residents do their shopping for basic needs until the recent restrictions on movement are relaxed, but no, the haters decided to get the estate authorities to stop her. However, other residents protested saying they were benefiting greatly from her initiative.

Soon , Everyone began to feel the impact of the decision .The authorities then pleaded with her asking her to continue but she declined and the entire residents including the haters have realized how much relief her initiative had brought. Sadly the actions of haters can bring pain to others besides the target, which is why their actions must not be left unchecked

No matter what form they take, dealing with them can be frustrating and demoralizing. And no matter what you do, what you create, or where you work or live, they are out there.

There’s no way to avoid them, so the best thing to do is be prepared to deal with haters. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to help you do this .

Here are five steps as provided by that will help you become completely bulletproof to haters:

1. Determine If the Person Really is a ‘Hater’

 Not everyone who disagrees with you is a hater. To properly deal with a hater, you first need to know whether someone is actually a hater or whether they are simply disagreeing with you so you do not loose out on constructive criticism that can actually be a blessing to you.

So how can you tell? Please read further

People who challenge your thinking, who engage in debate, who recommend improvements to your content, or who offer an opposing point of view are often friends in disguise (even if they are a bit abrasive).

These people can help you expand, improve, and build your ideas or your dream. The ideas and discussions they generate can be even more useful to you than the approval and compliments of your dedicated fans.

Haters, on the other hand, offer you nothing of value. They don’t give suggestions, nor do they explain their opinion in any useful way. They aren’t interested in conversation, engagement, or discussion. That is the key difference between a hater and a critic. If the comment is useless or is only meant to make you feel bad, then you can be fairly certain that you are dealing with a hate. Some haters disguise themselves with huge words, long-winded rants. If the person refuses to engage in any kind of productive discussion with you, then you know you are dealing with a hater.

2. Remind Yourself That Haters Are Not Your Target Audience

When you put yourself out there, you will be seen by your target audience, your expanded audience, and people who aren’t part of your audience at all.

Your job is not to appeal to everyone, or even to most people. it’s to appeal to those who are (or might be) interested in what you have to share. That is your audience.

Haters never were and will never be part of your target or expanded audience, because they aren’t interested in seeing or even considering your work or ideas. When members of your audience dislike something you put out, they’ll engage in more meaningful criticism or disagreement.

These are the people you should pay attention to and make improvements for. Haters, on the other hand, only provide useless, pointless snark. Don’t try to appeal to them, because you’ll never be able to.

3. Give the Hater a Hearty Mental Send-off

It’s impossible to pretend that haters or their comments don’t exist.

A better tactic is to let yourself feel that momentary blaze of anger, then square your shoulders, look directly at the hater or their comment, and give them a strong and simple mental send-off. What you do doesn’t matter, as long as the send-off is simple and firm. Once you’ve given the hater a mental send-off, don’t pay any more attention to them. Don’t return or re-think their comments and don’t give them any more of your time.

4. Immediately Move on to the Next Productive Activity

Switching your focus to something positive or productive helps you and frustrates them.

Once you’ve given your hater a mental send-off, redirect your attention to other positive activities. 

It’s important that you pull your attention away from the negative which is exactly what you’ll get by doing something positive or productive.

5. Put yourself out there Again… and Again… and Again

A big part of effectively dealing with haters is being willing to continue sharing your ideas, your content, or being yourself regardless what the haters say.

These steps work best when done together, in order. It doesn’t take long, and regular practice and repetition are key. Over time, you will build up resilience to haters and never let their garbage distract you from your work, your dreams and being the best God created you to be

.Many dreams and great ideas have been killed by haters, I hope you find this useful so that such does not happen to you and If you are a Christian today is Good Friday, A day Christians celebrate the love of God to man, so much so that he made the greatest sacrifice ever for the same people who hated him. What a way to deal with your haters.And so think of this, you may use these tips to help you develop thick skins so you do not become a victim of haters but by all means do not return their Hate

Permit therefore now to wish you, all the divine benefits of Good Friday

Have you had to deal with Haters recently? You will do well to kindly share this and add your comments to help others.

Good luck

Written by: Mimi Dogo

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