My Pet Peeve This Week- Bodyshaming

Do you judge or have you ever (even unintentionally) judged anyone based on their body shape or other physical characteristics? Then you are guilty of body shaming ,stop it ask why, well for starters its just as bad as racism… lets reason together now

Self esteem is such a powerful factor that can truly make or break anyone. Unfortunately, using “celebrity” and the wrong type of publicity and bullying is often considered normal. And perhaps this comes with the territory of being well-known, but no one has the right to judge you because you are not a reflection of what media puts forward as picture perfect,only you have the right to define what your perfect body looks like and the primary motivator should be your health,how that isn’t an excuse to discourage you her, or other people for the matter, who are trying to change and better themselves.

we must fight against being brainwashed by everything society wants us to believe about the value of a smaller body compared to that of a larger body. The aesthetic superiority of lean bodies to those with more flesh and fat or a particular skin tone,the most desirable body is a healthy body

You never know That “overweight” woman who is struggling to walk up the flight of stairs or you see eating the second helping of whatever food she’s eating? Maybe she’s suffering from a medical condition that impacts metabolism or pain reception and the skinny more appealing to the eye one,maybe on hard drugs that dry her up and really unhealthy on the inside

The point? well,you just never know,,food,food choices and body type should not impair your perception of who a person is or their moral value, just love people for who they are please and thank you

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