Mum Do Not Give Up On Your Children

Just this morning  I had a talk with my  daughter,”why do I have to tell you the same things everyday, I asked, you know the things  you are supposed to do every morning yet you wait for me to remind you” and her reply ‘ yes Mum, sorry I forget sometimes”and then she added the killer line”I Wish you knew how hard it is to be 9 years old and do so much”

I had to pause and think for a bit, God keeps talking to us daily, we often make mistakes, we know what is right to do yet we fail to do right, or somehow find ourselves where we ought not to be, but does he give up on us ..Most certainly No, he is always there, forgiving, correcting, and leading us to the right also we must never give up on our own,we must learn to trust them too, we parents are not always right too , yes hard to admit but we make mistakes fact all the time!

We as parents have an obligation to do same for our kids, sometimes I agree it can be very frustrating but in the end, consistency pays off, keep saying it, keep helping them,keep teaching them, you would be amazed when all the values you are instilling in them will show up for good

However we must be careful not to use negative but encouraging words to speak to our children.

When use the right,  encouraging words can have powerful positive effects on kids and consequently cause a child to repeat the praised behavior.

This type of parenting style is known as Authoritative Parenting, it is the style in which parents often use encouraging words to motivate their children to achieve high standards.

Words like  “Well done”, “Good job” ,“You’re so smart” That is my daughter or That is my son are common ,But using these encouraging words doesn’t always produce the desired  behavior In fact, using them indiscriminately can be counter-productive.


However, there are enormous benefits to be reaped from it, like improving their self esteem,improving mental health,enhancing their perseverance and motivation

Mum and Dad, Please no matter how long and how hard, Do not give up on your kids, one day you will be  happier for it


From deep within my parenting mind, Always yours in motherhood



Mimi Dogo


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