Mothers Arise For Positive Change

Shout out to all the women and a  special salute to mothers .Do you even know who you are,the change you can create, the power you possess, the beauty you can nuture? well i do not think you do! See, you may not be in the limelight or in position to  to make a huge impact, but you can begin a revolution within yourself by a reorientation of your mind  which will have  the same   effect  in realization of  the common goal…Positive change for our dear nation Nigeria

The question i am about to ask you now is one i have asked myself, it is as timely as it is pertinent? well i hope the answer is yes  and if not , why not?. Lets fix that okay,,,

here goes, do you have your voters card? will you keep quiet and continue to grumble about being marginalized,or that the leadership is going the wrong way or that the econom y is bad, Do you know you owe it to your children to stand up for what is right?

The media tries to imply a lot of negative things about us, we do not love ourselves, we are weak, we are vulnerable and what have you.I charge you today do not listen to them, they do so to keep us apart because unlike  us,they recognize the  unharnessed power we posses if we come together as one!

 I’m sorry,  If i sound feminist but permit me to say that we aren’t the architects of destruction in this world. whenever there is something going wrong look closely and you will see that a woman is absent, Arise therefore mothers take your place at home in the lives of your spouses, steer their hearts right, in the lives of your children, bring them up the right way,in the society create your impact and let it be strong, in politics and the affairs of the Nation ,for your childrens sake have a voice and this could mean starting with your vote! actions they say speak louder than words

with the ever present threats of the economy looming over us; we cannot afford to turn on one another. Unity is strength. And  women must  now realize that without each other; we’re vulnerable. Together however we a the most formidable force,.

Too much is going on and one begins to wonder ,are there no mothers in the land, there is weeping and wailing, killings,hunger,pain,anger,injustice,the list just goes on

Strong women,mothers of our land cry out in one voice , we say thus far and no more,No,No,No! we are not  having it and are crying out and praying that all the ones of us who are still being petty ,those who are sleeping while the roof top burns,will finally WAKE UP and let us harness our God given power to create the change we desire.. It’s time.What will you do?

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