LEAN ON ME: How A Man Was Forced To Sleep With Women Daily For Five Months

In case you missed LEAN ON ME, here is a chance for you to catch up. The program this week featured a young man named Bulus who was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination where he was kept and forced to sleep with young women for five months with the aim of getting them pregnant and their new born used for rituals.

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While narrating the story, Bulus said he slept with not less than thirty women and impregnated over seven of them while in the kidnappers den. He said he was kidnapped on his way to Suleja from Garaku in Nassarawa State on the 5th of January, 2017.

“I left my home in Garaku around 4 in the evening, on getting to Nyanya, I entered another vehicle from Nyanya to Suleja, there were seven passengers in the vehicle already, five men and two women. immediately I sat down, one of the women poured water on my face, then the man that was sitting beside me in the car immediately tied a rope around my neck. I couldn’t struggle with him because the water the woman poured on my face was very hot as if there was pepper in it. Before I knew what was happening, another person injected me on my back, that was the last thing i could remember about what happened in the vehicle”  He said

He told lean on me that he woke up in an unknown place without his clothes on where he was to be used for rituals but the ritualist rejected him which was how he was taken to the room where other victims are kept and forced to have sexual intercourse for the sake of bearing children.

Recounting his ordeal “When I woke up, I saw myself on the ground with two men standing beside me holding guns, I asked them where I was but they didn’t answer me so I now asked them of my phone then they started beating me that I should keep quiet.  The two men now took me to a room where a man that was all dressed in red was waiting. When they took me there, the first thing I noticed was the lifeless body that was lying there on the floor without a head. The man took some water from the calabash he was holding, splashed it on my face then looked into the calabash and shook his head, meaning that I was not going to be used for rituals, so they took me out. The two men now took me  to one room like that, there were many young women there and some men, over sixty women and twenty something men” 

According to Bulus, there are other men there apart from him who also sleep with the girls in order to get them pregnant . When one of them gets too ill or can no longer give birth, they are killed or drugged and dumped somewhere in the bush so they don’t ever find their way to the place if they survive and new victims are brought in.

Bulus said he was also drugged and dumped into the bush when he pretended to be ill, “I stayed in that place for five months and for those five months, I was forced to sleep with a lady every day. And not just me, all the men there were been forced to sleep with the women, we were given some herbs everyday to drink that will make you strong and want to have sex. One day, I got very weak and tired so I pretended that I was not well, when they noticed that i was too weak, they blind forded me, I over heard the leader telling them not leave me alive that they should kill me, then I was injected and I passed out. I woke up in the bush the next day in the afternoon around 12, I didn’t know where I was and there was no house around there, I just followed one small path till I finally got to town after trecking for a very long time”. 

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