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Iretiola Doyle Celebrates Her 53rd Birthday With Amazing Throwback Pictures

todayMay 3, 2020

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Nollywood actress Iretiola Doyle is a year older today and has expressed her gratitude to God for her new age.

She also shared some throwback photos on her Instagram page.

”He has done all things well. There is sooooo much to be grateful for. Oluwa seun!! Ope mi po #Chapter53#WrappedInGrace’‘ she captioned the photo.

In a previous post the actress shared an interesting story of how she lost a job despite her manager being in charge of it.

“This time, the call came from my manager. Yes, I’ve had one of those at different times in my career…now that’s a whole different topic – contracts management -the “business of the show” – that’s a module all on it’s own. Anyways, this time it was an audition for a lead role in a major series produced by Endemol that year. After 3 wks of back and forth and several call backs, my manager asked me to go to the production office and pick up a letter.

I thought that was odd seeing as she was my manager and any info should naturally flow through her. No worries, I took myself there, it had to be good news seeing as my “manager” was also intimately involved with the project in other ways.
Imagine my chagrin when it turned out to a rejection letter signed by my manager in her capacity as the Casting Director.  Don’t let that distract you.

Moral of the story: It will not always be peaches and cream. You will not always get the role. You will face rejection. Some will be more painful than others. Know it. Embrace it. Rejection is a large part of this business. You may hear several “no”s” before you hear a yes. Don’t let it stop you. Keep it at. Brush it off quickly and on to the next.

Do not be resentful, be genuinely happy for others and lose that sense of entitlement. We can smell it a mile away.
Most importantly “keep wearing your red shirt”… sooner or later the right people will take notice.”, she wrote.


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