How To Surmount Life Challenges: Balancing Pains and Gains

Q. You were once a former state legislator, you are a lawyer, writer and author of several books, life coach, grief counselor and a humorist, now this, ‘A conversation with Ike C. Ibe, what’s the idea behind this?

A. Conversation with Ike C. Ibe is a unique program that focuses on discussions about the gains and pains of our lives and how we can balance them in our pursuit of happiness.

Q. What goes through your mind when you see people in pain?

A. The entire idea is to work people through the trauma, tragedies, challenges and pains they pass through and help them focus more on the great things and successes they have achieved in life.

Q. What makes this conversation special and different from all the motivational speakers all around?

A. It’s aim is to help people grow out of their pains and be able to live better and less traumatic lives.

Q. What really is your aim as regards this conversation programmes?

A. Haven seen so much trauma and pains in my life, first thought in my head is always to make people understand that what does not kill us strengthens us and that there’s always life after tragedies no matter how traumatic and challenging they may be.

Q. Why would you want someone to listen or have this conversation with you?

A. I see people struggling to overcome several things confronting them and many often loose the battle to the negative thoughts in their heads.

Q. How do you think your conversation programmes will benefit anyone who attends?

A. The program is unique in the sense that its interactive and conversational and draws from real life experiences we have all encountered.
Listening to talks like this is not only motivational but spirit lifting and life changing. People get to understand that they’re not alone and can always learn from experiences of others.

Q. How long have you been counseling people. Are there specific people you target or just anyone?

A. I have been counseling people for about 10 years and the targeted audience are people dealing with all kinds of trauma, challenges, pains, heartaches, disappointments in life etc.

Alu Azege

Alu Azege is a broadcast journalist. Creating multimedia content for social causes, a communication and strategic planner, a Public Relation's manager and Public image maker.

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