CS-SUNN Launches 3 Years Nutrition Project To Boost Nutrition, Attain Human Capital Development By 2025

The Civil Society-Scaling Up Nutrition in Nigeria, CS-SUNN, and partners have launched the PINNS 2.0 Project, the project is a continuation of the just-completed PINNS 1.0 and connects the importance of optimal nutrition to attaining Nigeria’s Human Capital Development goal by 2025.

At the launching in Abuja, the Board Chairman, CS-SUNN, Dr. Bamidele Omotola, confirmed that Nigeria observed the project had assisted the states in tracking and following funds meant for nutritional purposes as well as boosting the health budget.

“Other achievements recorded during the life span of the project include improvement in the policy environment (national nutrition policy was domesticated), while also developing multi-sectoral plans,” he said.

According to Dr. Omotola, “We are witnessing some progress which is visible in the sense that the policy environment is changing and improving, we are getting more actors, we are getting more government involvement and responsiveness.”

“We are putting in place governance structure, policy environment. Some states are now ready to fund nutrition activities in the relevant MDA, and nutrition belongs to several sectors like health, agriculture, industries, education, women, and social protection,’’ he added.

The Acting Executive Secretary, CS-SUNN, Mr. Okoronkwo Sunday, observed that PINNS 2.0 was a project designed to strengthen the Nigeria nutrition systems to be more Result-driven, Effective, Serviceable, Efficient, and Transparent for Human Capital Development (RESET4HCD).

Mr. Okoronkwo agreed that the new project would ensure data for planning and decision making is routinely available while adequate domestic financing will be made available to effectively deliver nutrition services.

“The outcome will be a well-nourished child who grows up to become a major contributor to growing the country’s GDP and aligns to the HCD objectives with a gender equality demand cutting across.”

According to him,” the PINNS 2.0 targets 20 million additional healthy (under-five-years old children surviving and not stunted), educated (completing secondary school), and productive by 2030.

The Permanent Secretary, Niger State Planning Commission, Mrs. Ramatu Umar, said the PINNS 1 project was a success in Niger state which had boosted its nutrition system.

“With the coming in of CS-SUNN to the nutrition system in the state, there has been a drop in the percentage of children with stunted growth.”

On his part, the Co-chairman, CS-SUNN steering committee, Alhaji Sodangi Chindo called for the support of stakeholders at the grassroots.

“The PINNS 2.0 will work in this direction, and I will like to commend the government for the support it is giving to the organisation.” he added.

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