(Audio) 7 & 5-Year Old Confessed To Have Been Feeding On Human Flesh

A 7-year old boy Steven Efuru and his younger brother Kelvin who is 5-years confessed that they have been feeding on human flesh and blood since they became members of a certain cult for about two years.  The Children who were featured on the “Lean on me” program said they were initiated into the cult by their  domestic help (house girl) adding that they also fly at night to attend their meetings.   

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Narrating the story, Mrs. Efuru, mother of the children who lives in Abuja said, she discovered the maid belonged to a cult three months after she had taken her in. The maid by name Amarachi was brought to her house from Anambra State South-East part of Nigeria by her elder sister who lives in Enugu. 

According to her, Amarachi slept one night and could not wake up the next morning even though she was still breathing. Every attempt by her and her husband to revive the maid failed until they took her to a man of God who prayed for her after which she woke up and confessed to them that she was a witch and her spirit had left

her body and gone for a mission in the spirit world.

The 9-year old maid after waking up confessed that she was sent on a mission in the spiritual world to kill someone but unfortunately for her, she threw her knife away. She said because she could not carry out her mission, she  was tied to a tree in the spirit realm which prevented her spirit from coming back and waking up in the physical.  According to her, the maid also confessed that  the prayers were what saved her as she going to be killed as punishment for failing in her mission.

Mrs. Efuru said the maid confessed to have seized her and her husband’s blessing away and though she returend her husbands’ blessing she did not return hers and things have been difficult for them since then. She lamented that every efforts to deliver her two sons who are 7 and 5 years respectively has failed. Adding that they have visited many prayers houses but no one has been able to help them.


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