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Devastating Effects Of The Sun On Consumables

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Devastating Effects Of The Sun On Consumables

By Okay Ugwa

The diameter of the Sun is, approximately, 100 times that of the earth.

The Sun, which is 93 million miles away from the earth, generates a temperature of 11,000 Fahrenheit.

The Sun, no doubt, a major source of light and heat.

The Webster, New Collegiate Dictionary, defines heat, as added energy that causes substances to rise in temperature, fuse, evaporate, expand or undergo any of the various other related changes that flows to a body by contact with radiation from bodies at higher temperatures and can be produced in a body as by compression.

The invaluable benefits of heat to man’s existence, is infinite.

The most obvious, is that it keeps man warm.

It enables one to cook food.It is also vital in firing pottery.

Heat from the Sun helps to dry wet things fast. It is very useful in thermodynamics.

Incidentally, in the scientific world and before the advent of the atomic energy in the 1940’s, the Sun has been the earth’s only power plant.

All living things, obviously, need light and heat, if they must survive and grow.

Plants, usually, use heat and light from the Sun to manufacture food, and animals, including mankind, would eat the plant and other animals, to live and grow.

Medical doctors opined, that without warmth, many living things would definitely die and probably become extinct.

Due to the fact, that man lives within the tropics, he invariably experience the direct effect of the Sun rays, all year round.

Hence, it is strongly advised to, not only, wear light clothing, but also to consciously and adequately ventilate homes, offices and market stores.

In spite of the health benefits of the Sun’s heat, it’s devastating effect, especially, when it is intense and prolonged at 80 to 90 Fahrenheit, optometrists, undeniably say, it is better imagined than experienced.

Consequently, it is demoralizing, and unpardonable to see some petty traders, supermarkets’, shopping marts, chemist stores.

And so on display their, many and varied wares, which include perishable food, drugs, assorted drinks, fresh eggs, canned food, packaged oat meals, bottled water, carbonated drinks, sachet water, and the likes placed directly under the Sun’s heat, for long hours.

If Mechanical Engineers, could boldly assert, that heavy steel rail lines can also expand and contract, under intense prolong heat from the Sun, then it becomes mega dangerous on perishable food and drinks, which contains preservatives and additives.

Obviously chemical reactions would persist.

Most people without refrigerators, often complain, that with the frequent warming of their food, it eventually, loses colour, flavor and taste.

The multiple risk on lives, especially the elderly may result to death due to contaminated, cancerous, bacteria infected food and drinks in plastic and nylon containers.

This is, inspite of the fact that manufacturers of medical drugs, assorted drinks and food, in their professional ethics, had passionately, warned against displaying their products in direct heat of the Sun, and cautioned that they be “Store in cool and dry places.

Considering the attendant unhealthy effects of exposing food and drinks in the sun, the Federal and State Governments, as well as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, must engage in the sensitization, monitoring and regulation of food and drinks storage by traders, stores and shopping marts on the proper ways to preserve their products.

Nigerians must also ensure that they demand for goods that are properly stored, this will force middlemen and traders to adhere to the procedure for storage to save the lives of millions of Citizens.

Edited By Grace Namiji

Written by: Salihu Tejumola

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