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Need For Cessation Of Violence Between Israel, Palestine

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Need For Cessation Of Violence Between Israel, Palestine

By: Dr Benjamin Nwokedi

Peace in political parlance has been described as a state of freedom from war or violence.

Philosophers say it is a state of harmony and friendship One of the greatest philosophers, Aristotle once said that peace of mind is the greatest treasure on earth, which should be the pre-occupation of all men of good will.

The absence of peace, he said, is the creation of a world of anarchy where mankind could be consumed.

It is premised on this notion that governments, nations, organizations, communities and individuals, the world over, make frantic efforts to maintain peace.

The virtues of peace are indeed far-reaching, priceless and progressive.

The most peaceful countries, organizations and even families have been seen to be the most successful and prosperous in terms of human and material development.

This is more so because the presence of peace in any set up, creates an enabling environment for rapid development, understanding and harmonious living conditions.

This explains why regional and world bodies devote enormous human and material resources, for peace keeping operations around the globe.

It is against this backdrop that the Ocother 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israeli citizens, resulting in the tragic death of over one thousand four hundred people, was a distressful event that undermines the pursuit of global peace.

The attack widely described as most deadly in many decades, prompted the ongoing retaliatory air and land strikes on Palestinian settlements in Gaza by the Israeli forces the war has continued to escalate unabated since then with colossal collateral casualties, especially on the Palestinian side.

While Isreal’s right to self defense is incontrovertible, there is the compelling need to recognize the significance of proportionality and the avoidance of harm to innocent, defenseless civilians in any military response.

The regrettable bombardineist and loss of innocent lives in residential homes, hospitals, markets and other public and private places on both sides of the conflict is therefore a major tragic consequence of the mounting hostilities.

To this extent, all nations and citizens, across the globe, should be unanimous in calling for the cessation of the raging conflagration between Israel and Palestine.

This is in view of the sanctity of human lives and the principle of justice and peace, as professed by all religions.

Moreover, many Christians undertake pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jordan and other sacred sites of Israel.

The ongoing conflict in the region raises serious concerns about the safety and wellbeing of Christian pilgrims from across the world. Besides, the ongoing war has far reaching implications for Nigeria’s faith communities.

This explains why religious leaders and communities in Nigeria, should remain relentless in the promotion and maintenance of mutual neutrality, understanding, tolerance, compassion and peaceful coexistence among the diverse religious groups in the country.

Moreso, Nigerians in all walks of life must resist the temptation of allowing thoughts or actions, in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to deepen divisions or inflame religious tensions in the country.

Most importantly, all nations and
peoples of the world are enjoined to, rather than apportioning blames taking sides or beating the drums of war, be committed to humanitarian services, arbitration, peace mediation and intervention for the quick cessation of the escalating war and the possible commencement of reconciliation.

Healing, enduring peace and consolation, as well as prayers for the repose of the souls of those, who have lost their precious lives in this unnecessary and avoidable conflict.

Edited By Grace Namiji

Written by: Salihu Tejumola

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